I know there are people out there who love Ruby.  There are also ASP people – I don’t understand them but I respect them. There are front-end people who are crazy about CSS, HTML5, and JQuery.  I haven’t met too many lovers of Javascript, but I know they’re out there too.  And then there are PHP people.

Of all the web geeks, PHP people are the most uninhibited.  They aren’t bound by frameworks and rules.  They’re bootstrapping big dreams to small servers.  They think about code in the sunshine, scribble it on napkins at cafes, discuss it high on hills in Dolores Park.

They often discovered and learned the language on their own.  Maybe they were philosophy majors.  Maybe they didn’t even go to college.  But they’re a scrappy bunch who know that PHP.net is more valuable than any textbook or course, and they’re proud of what they can build with so little formal training.

PHP people are inclusive.  Their parties are always open invite.  They’re often open bar. They will explain all their inside jokes to newbies.  They are flexible.  Their work may not always scale perfectly, and they might have occasional bugs, but PHP people know that this is the price for a truly blank canvas.

PHP people are romantics, but they also have a practical side.  They believe in noble ideals, but they also know how to get the job done.  They are great lovers.  They are great chefs.  And they’re fun.  And they’ll let you hang with them even if you have no idea what you’re doing (but you’ll learn fast).

Next time you build yourself a web app, do your research and choose your technology carefully.  In the end, however, we don’t always choose the technology – often, it ends up choosing us.  If you’re a PHP person, you’ll know it.  And if you happen to go with Ruby, it’s ok, we’ll still invite you to our parties.